Some facts to help you on your way:

Noise and air pollution:

  • A plane lands at Heathrow every 90 seconds
  • 725,000 people live under the Heathrow flight paths, that is, 28% of all people impacted by aircraft noise across Europe
  • A 3rd runway would bring in around 260,000 extra flights a year
  • Air Pollution levels in parts of West London already exceeds the European legal limits
  • A 3rd runway would make Heathrow the biggest single emitter of CO2 – the climate change gas – in the UK

Heathrow today:

  • Heathrow has 990 departure flights each week to the world’s key business centres. That is more than its two closest rivals, Charles de Gaulle (484) and Frankfurt (450), combined.
  • More passengers fly in and out of London than any other city in the world. Paris, our nearest competitor, is in 5th place.
  • London has 7 runways – more than all other European cities except Paris which has 8.

Heathrow is poorly used:

  • Heathrow has the terminal capacity to accommodate at least another 20 million passengers a year.
  • Of the top 10 destinations, by number of flights, only one, New York, is long haul. The rest are European or British destinations.
  • On average there are 38 daily flights to Amsterdam, 36 to Frankfurt, 35 to Paris, 35 to Edinburgh, 29 to Manchester.
  • Business trips are less than 20 per cent of the London passenger total

Case against the Hub airport:

  • Growing numbers of experts believe a mega-hub at Heathrow is unnecessary and would inhibit competition and restrict choice.
  • In 2008 David Cameron said; “The economic value of transfer passengers is hotly disputed – after all, they often spend only the price of a cup of coffee in the UK”.
  • In 2009, David Cameron said: “There are now increasing grounds to believe that the economic case is flawed.”
  • David Cameron later promised that if he were to become prime minister there would be no new runway at Heathrow, “no ifs, no buts”.
  • Former Chief Executive of British Airways Bob Ayling told the Sunday Times in 2008 that a third runway would be “a costly mistake……against Britain’s economic interests”
  • Paul Kehoe, chief executive of Birmingham Airport said: “Other countries, such as Germany, have a ‘multi-hub’ airport model – they link their major airports with high-speed rail, and spread the economic activity. They do not stick to the old-fashioned model of just one major airport.”


  • In the past five years, there have been 260 emergency or urgent landings at Heathrow, roughly one per week, as a result of problems such as engine failure, fuel shortages.

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